Studying with children

Studentenwerke establish family-friendly conditions

Germany’s 57 Studentenwerke make a comprehensive and diverse contribution to the establishment of family-friendly study conditions. They offer their own childcare places as well as places with the support of external bodies.

 They also offer…

  • Childcare: More than 50% of available places are intended for children aged under three. Many Studentenwerke enhance traditional childcare offers by providing additional childcare outside regular hours, at weekends and during holidays. They also offer flexible, short-time childcare.
  • Advice: Parents who study have many difficult issues to resolve in terms of balancing and funding studies and family life. Successful studies depend on tackling these issues professionally and quickly while at the same time taking individual situations into account. Studentenwerke offer information and advice for this purpose.
  • Spaces and places: Studentenwerke also offer special accommodation for students with children: there are play, baby-change and breastfeeding areas as well as children’s equipment and play areas in the canteens.
  • Financial support: Some Studentenwerke also offer financial or material support, for example “welcome money” for new-born babies, or basic equipment for students who are expecting a baby.
  • Co-operations: When establishing family-friendly study conditions, the Studentenwerke co-operate with local authorities and higher education institutions, for example within the framework of the “family-friendly university audit”.

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