Interim financial aid

Technical Advice regarding the online application for interim financial aid

You can apply for the interim financial aid using the online portal

Here, you find some technical advice regarding the application process:


  • Use the right browser!

Please use the most current browser versions of Chrome, Firefox or Opera – or the current standard browsers for mobile devices. If you use Edge you must update to the Edge Chromium Version 83.x. All versions of Internet Explorers are not supported.

When you begin your online application you are asked to provide an academic e-mail address; the system will then send a code or “token” to this address that you must then re-enter in the system for verification. If this should not work, please use another e-mail address. However, once you are registered with a specific e-mail in the system, you must continue to use this address.

  • Use another E-Mail address if your academic address does not function!

Please do not despair. We cannot go without the reCaptcha as a security requirement. If it does not work, please make sure that you have activated Javascript and that there are no other extensions or add-ons activated in your browser. Since reCaptcha is activated by Google services, the use of proxies or add-ons can cause problems when they block Google server requests.

  • Do not despair with reCaptcha, simply try again! Do not change data formats!

The online application portal accepts only certain data formats, such as jpg/jpeg, png and PDF. If your documents are in a different format, make sure to change them with an appropriate software such as

Do not change the formats manually by changing the document extensions or by renaming the document endings such as changing the extension .gif to .png.

  • Merge your bank account statements if necessary! 

The application portal allows for uploading a maximum of 10 documents; if you have more files, please merge them into one relevant document. You can use open source software that is easy to find online.

Step 1: copy your graphic documents into a word document, and then save it as a PDF.

Step 2: with a freeware such as you can merge several PDF documents.


Last update: 20.11.2020



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