Student halls of residence

A place in a hall of residence is still a cost-effective and popular form of accommodation for students, which is why demand remains high. Germany's 57 Studentenwerke offer around 194.000 places in halls of residence across Germany.

Halls of residence are still the cheapest form of accommodation – outside of living at home with your parents – and a popular alternative to rented flats. At the Studentenwerke halls of residence the average monthly rent including all costs is 246 euros per month. Most study locations also offer purpose built rooms for students with disabilities as well as specially furnished rooms for students with children.

First-Year students

The use of halls of residence is age-related. They are particularly important for first-year students. The share of German first-year students in halls of residence is 14 per cent. In many places, there are long waiting lists at the start of the winter semester.

In addition to the cheap rent, students like halls of residence due to their proximity to campus and university and due to offers for various options to meet and socialize with fellow students. Halls of residence are also well furnished.

International students

Particularly international students depend on affordable accommodation. Low costs as well as communication and integration possibilities are decisive factors for international students, which is why more than 40 per cent of them live in halls of residence.

The availability of affordable accommodation at short notice is particularly important for international students, as their monthly budgets are on average about 10 per cent lower than those of German students and many students only come for one or two semesters to Germany for a study period abroad.

Service packages

Many Studentenwerke offer this group special accommodation in guesthouses as well as a service package, which, among other things, guarantees a place in a hall of residence for the duration of their stay. Studentenwerke also run tutor programmes to support the integration of international students.

Students with disabilities

Studentenwerke offer barrier-free accommodation at halls of residence in the form of apartments designed in such a way that students can live without help from outside.

Within the budgets available, many Studentenwerke also offer suitable accommodation for mobility-impaired students or those in wheelchairs at short notice.

Students with children

Many halls of residence have flats and rooms for students with children. Some halls of residence even have family apartments:  two or three-bedroom flats, partly with special facilities, such as cots. Offers differ depending on the Studentenwerk.