Intercultural training

The SIK offers intercultural training

Intercultural competence is becoming an increasingly important key qualification for people working at the Studentenwerke.

The SIK creates awareness of the pitfalls of intercultural communication. The aim of seminars, training sessions and workshops is to strengthen intercultural competence. The SIK also offers specialist seminars on improving the quality of services and advice for international students.
In doing so, SIK-seminars also convey legal expertise and country-specific knowledge, or teach students/Studentenwerke employees how to become intercultural trainers themselves.

Student tutors support international students in halls of residence run by the Studentenwerke and help them find their way in Germany, especially at the start of their student life here. The hall-of-residence tutor programme has already become a key service offered by many Studentenwerke for the benefit of international students. The SIK offers student tutors workshops on intercultural communication and conflict management and supports the exchange of information and experience.


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