International and intercultural relations

Internationalisation and increasing intercultural openness

Universities as living environments are more international than ever. The services and advisory offer provided by the Studentenwerke are crucial for ensuring successful studies, international experiences and the development of students' social and intercultural skills.

Our goals

Deutsches Studentenwerk campaigns for a tolerant, open and culturally diverse higher education area, which is why it promotes and supports increased internationalisation and intercultural openness of Germany’s Studentenwerke.

In doing so, the DSW’s objective is the free exchange of experience, mutual learning and continuous knowledge transfer in all important areas of student affairs and services.

Deutsches Studentenwerk supports the internationalisation of the Studentenwerke on two levels:

  • it supports partnerships, exchange programmes and international co-operations in Europe and overseas, promotes international activities of the Studentenwerke and contributes to the international debate in student affairs and services on the basis of its own experience
  • advocates intercultural openness at the Studentenwerke as well as the integration, social inclusion and participation of international students in Germany.

Our activities

In order to achieve these goals, Deutsches Studentenwerk:

  • supports increased intercultural openness at higher education institutions and Studentenwerke,
  • promotes a warm welcome and integration of international students,
  • ensures an exchange of experiences with the Studentenwerke as well as similar institutions in student affairs and services around the world,
  • supports international co-operations, partnerships and exchange programmes conducted by the Studentenwerke
  • influences decisions and developments in the field of international educational policy, and
  • advocates for the European model of strong, public, autonomous and non-profit student affairs and services in the international arena.