Integration doesn’t come for free

The German government and federal states have formulated a joint internationalisation strategy with the aim of increasing the number of international students to 350,000 by 2020. But where are these almost 100,000 additional international students going to live?

 Internationalisation is a major trend in Germany’s science and higher education system. Germany is one of the most attractive study locations for internationally mobile students, which is good and we want it to last.

If the German government and federal states want to bring another 100,000 international students into Germany, where are they going to live and who will provide them with the necessary academic and social welfare support?

The Studentenwerke have to date provided services for international students with the help of temporary, state-funded programmes such as PROFIN. We are calling on the German government and federal states to guarantee long-term funding in this regard.


The biggest problem for international students in Germany is finding suitable accommodation. Halls of residence are the preferred type of accommodation for international students. Today, more than one third of the approximately 183,000 places offered by Studentenwerke in halls of residence are taken by international students, and the trend is upwards.

We urgently need additional places in halls of residence – for both international and German students. Internationalisation doesn’t come for free. Whoever formulates internationalisation goals must provide the financial means to achieve them.

Counselling and Advisory Services

Guidance in the study system as well as the funding of studies and living expenses are also major problems for international students. They are dependent on comprehensive advice in these areas, which is only possible with an expanded service offer.


The childcare facilities provided by the Studentenwerke look after the children of students from many different countries. We urgently need more childcare places.

Integration through culture

Culture creates a place where people meet. The Studentenwerke offer a diverse programme of cultural events and workshops that allow students from all over the world to meet and socialise with German students. The programme’s main aim is to prevent international students from becoming lonely by helping them make friends and settle in.