International co-operations

German-Chinese Knowledge Transfer

The China Trainee Programme for Student Affairs (CTP) expands activities between China and Germany in the social dimension of higher education and helps to ensure better preparation and integration of Chinese students in Germany.

Two trainees at an introductory seminarDuring a six-month traineeship in Germany, junior managers at Chinese universities learn about the different advisory and service institutions at German universities and Studentenwerke. They gather experience of culture, education and the working world in Germany, and they make contacts in the German education sector. The trainees develop their own projects for improving the study success rate among Chinese students and bring in their own qualifications and experience of training culture and the reality of life in China.

At the same time, they advise German higher education institutions and Studentenwerke about training culture and the reality of life of Chinese students in Germany, and they develop their own projects for improving the study success rate of Chinese students. They create awareness of cultural differences, break down prejudices and promote the communication of everyone involved.

After returning to China, they share their knowledge about Germany as an education and university location with Chinese students of the future. The trainees promote on-going dialogue and knowledge transfer between China and Germany. As multipliers they develop long-term co-operation contacts and establish a global student mobility network.

The program with the official title “China Trainee Programme at German Institutes of Higher Education – German Chinese Co-operation for Student Affairs” was initiated by the Robert Bosch foundation and Deutsches Studentenwerk at the beginning of 2010. It aims to improve the study success rate and integration of the around 24,000 Chinese students in Germany. The latter make up the largest international students' group at German higher education institutions.