Interim financial aid

Answers to the most frequently asked questions since the beginning on June 16, 2020

Online Application Portal: 


  • I am studying at a higher education institution abroad, and the institution does not appear in the list for interim financial aid?  

Then, your institution is not eligible and you cannot apply. Students are eligibly if they are enrolled at a public or publicly recognised higher education institution in Germany, and if they are not on leave.

  • Why is my school, university of applied science, my institute, college, academy or dual study institution not listed?

Because the interim financial aid is only available to students at a public  or publicly recognised higher education institution. Many other institutions for secondary or tertiary education exist in Germany, but they are not officially recognised higher education institutions.

  • I am studying at a policy academy (Polizei-Fachhochschule) or at a dual education institution (Duale Hochschule). I am even receiving BAföG from my Studentenwerk – why can’t I receive the interim financial aid?

All students who are studying within a work or empoyment contract and thus have regular income are exempt from the interim financial aid.

  • I cannot enter abbreviations such as FH, LMU or TU, what now?

Please use the complete name of your higher education institution. Many institutions for applied science (Fachhochschulen) have changed their names to „Hochschule“ or „Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften“. If you are unsure about the official name of your institution, please refer to your certificate of enrollment.

  • I am studying at the University X but at the campus in Y. I cannot find this in the list of institutions on the application portal. 

The main campus of your institution is relevant, please use the city or town where your institution is headquartered.  

  • Could I send the application by mail to my local student service organisation (Studierendenwerk or Studentenwerk) – or can I send it directly to Deutsches Studentenwerk (DSW)?

No, this is not possible. You must file your application online via the portal This is the only way to apply.

  • What about a home loan savings contract (Bausparvertrag), what about a rent deposit account (Mietkautionskonto)?

Both are not relevant and you do not have to mention this when applying for interim financial aid, since the money in such contracts is not available at short notice.

  • There are transactions in my bank account that I would like to explain in the application. Is this possible?

Yes, you can upload an additional pdf-document with your bank account balance where you can include explanations – the clearer, the better and the faster your application will be processed. 

  • I forgot to upload something when I made my application. Can I still send this in? 

No, later uploads are not possible.

In the application process, please make sure that you have completely uploaded all the right documents before sending the application. Your documents are shown immediately after the upload, and you can is they are not the correct ones or not readably, delete and change them. You can also go back and verify if all documents are correct and complete before sending the application. If you do not have the documents ready at hand, please interrupt the work on your application and log in again later to upload the right documents. You should only send the application when it is completely finished!

The online application tool will automatically show you if and when your application is complete when uploading documents.

  • Can I get the interim financial aid even if I receive BAföG, or if I use a student loan, or a private loan? 

Yes, the use of other loans and grants does not principally exclude the application for interim financial aid. Also, BAFöG-recipients or students who use a KfW student loan can receive the interim financial aid, if they can prove that they are nevertheless in a pandemic-related financial hardship.