French-German Colloquium

40th French-German Colloquium of Student Services

Student life and Europe: social responsibility, sustainable development, commitment, mobility 25-29 August 2019 in Strasbourg

Once more, the biannual French-German Colloquium of Student Services opened to a wider European audience with speakers from Belgium, Portugal, Italy and Poland as well as France and Germany.
Europe is at stake, and 30 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the chosen theme “Student Life and Europe” takes on the challenges for social responsibility and justice, commitment to students’ well-being and international mobility across the European continent in a series of panel discussions and workshops.








Panel discussions and parallel workshops will look at some of the following questions:

  • What is in the game in new developments like the European universities initiative and new strategies of internationalization take us? What is their impact on every-day student life? What challenges will student services face in the future development of European integration?
  • Why are student services important for social responsibility, equal access, and international mobility, and how can they add to the attractiveness of higher education in Europe? How do student services help students to be European citizens? What impact can we make on the mobility of underrepresented students and their success?
  • What are innovative projects and good practices in student housing, dining services and social services for students?
  • What is the role of students in all this? How can student engagement and participation booster a European sense of higher education and bring a new dynamic to European cooperation?


The 40th French-German Colloquium was supported by the French-German Youth Office and ECStA (European Council for Student Affairs)


Contact: DSW  [email protected]