Invitation to the European Student Services Conference 2018

12th German-Polish Colloquium on Student Services

“Different Angles: Student Services in changing political, social, economic and cultural contexts”

The colloquium, a biannual European student affairs conference jointly arranged by DSW, Studentenwerk Halle as a host and the Polish Rectors Conference (KRASP) take place on August 28-31, 2018 in the city of Dessau, the cradle of Bauhaus architecture, about one hour away from the German capital.

The conference aims to take on
new angles on how student services remain ahead of rapidly changing contexts in a rapidly changing world, the program includes therefore the following panels and topics:




  • Current developments in higher education policy in Germany, Poland and France
  • The social situation of students in Europe: results from Euro Student VI
  • How do student service institutions react to changed political conditions? What impact do new goals in higher education have on their work?
  • What are student service institutions doing to improve the social situation of the students? What examples are there for innovations and a successful, flexible response to social and economic changes?
  • How do student service institutions react to changing cultural contexts and growing internationalization?

The program includes additionally a campus tour of facilities of the STW Halle in thematic groups with focus on:  study funding and financing of the Studentenwerk or studying with disabilities and international issues.

The event is most useful for the leadership level in student affairs and services, such as Vice-Chancellors / Vice-Rectors and directors of student service departments, Studentenwerke and similar institutions. The German-Polish colloquium is open to European colleagues.

Next to the exchange of professional experiences and knowledge, the colloquium provides excellent opportunities to develop cooperations with Polish universities and student services institutions in other European countries.

The conference is kindly supported by the European Council for Student Affairs

Conference documentation is available on demand.





Picture © STW Halle



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