International Students

Residency and Social Security Law for International Students

Guidance for Student Advisers | 2021
Cover "Residency and Social Security Law for International Students"
Author: Prof. Dr. Dorothee Frings, Publisher: Deutsches Studentenwerk
Berlin 2021
152 Seiten

The publication by Prof. Dr. jur. Dorothee Frings presents the residence and social law regulations for international students in a detailed and clearly structured manner. The target group is primarily the advisers in the Studenten- and Studierendenwerke as well as in the universities. On 152 pages, the regulations are explained in a comprehensible manner using numerous examples and extra notes on the Corona pandemic. The appendix provides templates for practical use: a guide for advisors and a tabular overview of benefit entitlements. A list of abbreviations and a bibliography complete the compendium. ► With current extra chapter: Brexit and its impact on citizens of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

New chapter: Current developments in residency and social security law for international students (February 2022)
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